Chanoyu selects the best teas from around the world for you. Our trained tea masters work with tea producers who share their passion and commitment to excellence and respect the environment.



Chanoyu is a brand of Swiss Fair-Trade AG. Swiss Fair-Trade AG is committed to sustainability and fair trade. Throughout its value chain, great importance is attached to respectful treatment of people and nature in order to support ecological and nature-friendly production standards.



For love for the nature, we produce according to strict organic regulations. All our teas are verifiably from organic cultivation. We only offer whole tea leaves so that each variety can develop its personality without artificial flavours.


About US

Chanoyu is a young Swiss brand run by a team of passionate tea experts with over 20 years' experience. It owes its name to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and draws its inspiration from it to offer tea lovers the unique discovery of a thousand-year-old product. Chanoyu borrows its founding principles from this ancestral ritual and, in the 21st century, applies them to a wide range of teas.

Harmony. Original teas or blends, Chanoyu teas and infusions are a constant search for a balance of aromatic notes and sensations. Simplicity and originality in the service of our creations.

Respect. Respect is an essential element of our value chain, from the plantation to the cup. Respect for suppliers and their know-how, respect for the quality of ingredients, respect for the environment. Another way to honour tea.

Purity. Our teas are exclusively organically grown. The harvests are selected and blended to bring out the authentic tastes and qualities of each terroir. When purity is synonymous with beauty, nothing detracts from the pleasure of tasting.

Serenity. In line with the Zen tradition from the Far East, starting or ending your day with a cup of Chanoyu tea is a promise of tranquillity for the body and mind. A moment of peace and joy to share.

Chanoyu invites you to cultivate Harmony, Respect, Purity and Serenity on a daily basis, with its range of teas, which evolves according to the seasons, the selections and the creativity of its tea masters. Welcome to the Chanoyu community!

Our Heritage

The Japanese tea ceremony, our heritage Chanoyu means "The Tea Ceremony" in Japanese. Harmony, Respect, Purity and Serenity (Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku) are the four pillars of Chanoyu, laid down by the tea master Sen Rikyu in the 16th century. 500 years later, the Chanoyu brand revisits the great principles of this ceremony to make it a tasting moment for everyone, tasty and authentic, but also demanding and responsible.

We work with the best gardens and producers to offer you exceptional organic teas, sublimated through exclusive and original recipes. 


 Meet Mr. Seichaho

Our Japanese master grower and his beautiful plantation in Ureshino, Japan. He grows Japanese Sencha and Bancha teas for Chanoyu.


Our History

Chanoyu, a committed Swiss brand Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, Chanoyu stands out on the tea market with an approach that combines quality and commitment. 

 As tea lovers, we have gathered around this common passion to share the finest flavours with all connoisseurs of rare teas, but also to expand this community of enthusiasts with simplicity and generosity. We make excellence available to all, while respecting the social and environmental values we stand for. 

Chanoyu is a brand of Swiss Fair-Trade AG, which specialises in the trade and distribution of agricultural and handicraft products, mainly made by small independent producers from all over the world.

Expertise and passion for tea

Tea is a gift from nature, which we treat with love and gratitude. Our team is made up of passionate professionals and experts who have been scouring the world's best tea gardens for more than 20 years in search of the finest harvests and the tastiest ingredients. 

100% organic ingredients All our teas are organically grown, without any chemical treatment, respecting the soil, the cycles of nature and the unique characteristics of the terroirs.

The original varieties are harvested and prepared according to the traditional know-how of the tea masters. The traceability of our teas is guaranteed by TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System), which controls and certifies the origin of agricultural products imported into Europe. The selection of all our ingredients - fruits, flowers and plants - meets the same requirement: our flavoured teas, herbal teas and infusions are 100% natural, without artificial flavours.


From the plantation to the cup, let's share our values

Eco-responsible packaging

No more superfluous packaging! Chanoyu has chosen to reduce waste as much as possible by opting for packaging that enhances the product but is minimalist in terms of the materials used.

- Our 100g bags are 100% recyclable and compostable, while guaranteeing the protection and integrity of the tea.

- Our gift boxes are made from recyclable cardboard.

- Our metal tins are decorated with digital printing using solvent-free inks.

- Our accessories are made of sustainable materials (stainless steel, certified bamboo or glass) and are plastic-free.

Sustainable partnerships and business ethics

Chanoyu is committed to paying fair wages to the tea cooperatives and producers we work with, in order to support local communities in China, India, Nepal and the rest of the world. They are more than just suppliers, they are partners who share our values, full members of the Chanoyu community, and we ensure that their work is valued right down to our labels. Creators of authentic teas, our partner producers all have their own know-how and a unique story to tell..

Social responsibility 

We have entrusted the Polyval Foundation with the packaging of our bags and boxes. This well-known Foundation employs people with disabilities, in suitable working conditions, conducive to a fulfilling and rewarding professional activity. A partnership that promotes humanist values and strengthens Chanoyu's local presence.



One more gesture for the planet? It's up to you!

Did you know ? Once brewed, tea can be put in the compost bin. It even speeds up the decomposition process of waste. You can also put the wet tea leaves directly into your flower beds or vegetable garden to naturally enrich the soil with nutrients. After tasting, make your Chanoyu tea a gift for your garden!

Re-use our boxes! Based on the principle that "the best waste is the one we don't produce", Chanoyu has opted for simple, yet aesthetic and particularly resistant cardboard boxes to encourage you to give them a second life. Instead of going to the bin, our gift boxes are reinvented as storage for toys, souvenirs, sewing accessories, spices... or any other object, at home or in the office!