For orders up to a value of CHF 40.00, we charge shipping costs of a flat rate of CHF 09.90.
For orders up to a value of CHF 59.90, we charge shipping costs of a flat rate of CHF 06.90.
For orders with a value of more than CHF 60, the shipping costs are waived.

The following applies if you have placed your order using the payment method "invoice" or a credit card. If all items are available from stock, delivery usually takes 1-2 working days. Orders placed at the weekend will be processed and shipped on Monday.
However, it is possible that some of the items in the order are not currently in stock and have therefore been reordered. In such cases, it generally takes about 5 working days until we receive the missing goods and can ship the package completely.In some cases, delivery from our suppliers can unfortunately take longer due to unforeseen events. In such cases, our team will make every effort to receive the goods by another means or to look for an alternative.This also applies if you place the order via the payment method "prepayment", but the payment must be made within 5 days for the order to be transmitted.
Please contact our customer service if you have any questions.

Yes, you can. Swiss Post offers the possibility to control the delivery of your parcels yourself.
You will be informed by SMS or e-mail about the status of the parcel and can easily specify, for example, the desired day for
delivery, define a delivery to a neighbour in case of absence or allow deposits.

You can find more information at
If you need the help of our customer service, we will be happy to assist you with the set-up.



You want to check the status of your order?
After you have placed an order, you will receive an e-mail shortly afterwards. In it you will find further information regarding
your order.

You will also find some further information under "My account".
Under "Orders" you will find the details of all your orders.
However, if you would like more information or do not have access to your orders, please contact our customer service.

After each order, our system automatically sends an order confirmation by e-mail. If this does not reach you within 15 minutes,
there is a problem.

In rare cases, our emails may end up in your spam filter.
Perhaps you have entered a typing error in your e-mail address? Please note that in this case, future dispatch confirmations,
etc. cannot be delivered either.

It can also rarely happen that there is a technical problem on our site.
In all cases, please feel free to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help you solve the problem and send
a new copy of the confirmation.



If you wish to return one or more items (see the cancellation policy), please contact our customer service. There you will
receive a return number as well as a return address and, if necessary, a return shipping label.

If possible, send the items in their original packaging to the return address and note the return number on the package.
Please note that certain products (food, hygiene items, etc.) are excluded from returns.

If you receive a return shipping label from us, the return shipment is free of charge. If you send the package via a
parcel service provider of your own choice, we cannot cover these shipping costs.

You have the right to return the goods within 14 days of receipt, provided they are unopened and undamaged
(excluding food and hygiene items).

If you have any further questions regarding a return, please contact our customer service.

If you cancel your order or if, in exceptional circumstances, an item is not available, we will promptly refund the
amount paid.

For returns: As soon as the return has been received and checked by us, we will refund the amount to you at the
next possible opportunity.

A refund varies depending on the method of payment.
Credit card: A credit to your credit card account. You will see the entry on your next credit card statement.
Purchase on account: Your invoice will be reduced by the value of the returned item. You then only pay for the
goods you have kept. If the transfer has already been made, the amount will be credited to your bank account. You
can provide us with your bank details for the return transfer online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



You want to place your order via the payment method "invoice"?
No problem!
Make sure that you have filled in all the mandatory fields and your date of birth correctly.
You will receive the invoice separately in the middle of the following month after receipt of your order. This payment
period is independent of our 14-day return policy. We will refund the purchase amount immediately after checking
the return.

In the following cases, payment by invoice is not possible;
Invoice amounts from another order are still outstanding
Your shopping cart exceeds a value of CHF 500.
As is usual in online trading, your data will be checked with the help of independent credit agencies. The result of
this check may affect the method of payment available to you. We reserve the right not to accept the payment
method "invoice" for certain orders and to refer you instead to our other payment methods such as payment by
credit card or cash in advance. We ask for your understanding for this security measure.

Even in the case of impeccable creditworthiness, which the checking system may not have been able to verify 100%,
we must unfortunately ask you to choose another payment method in this case. We ask for your understanding in
this regard.

You have received an invoice from PowerPay and do not know exactly what it is?
If you pay with the "Invoice" option, then the invoice is not created directly by us, but our partner company
PowerPay takes over the invoicing for us. This invoice is valid and must be paid as normal via payment slip.

If you have any further questions, would like a deferment of payment or an agreement, click on the sample invoice
on the left for more information on the invoice and its due date, or contact PowerPay customer service directly, who
will be happy to help you.

You can contact PowerPay Customer Service by telephone on 058 806 06 00 or directly by email at
T 071 225 40 30
MF Group AG
PO Box 336
CH-9004 St. Gallen